Friday, July 26, 2013

Maria; 30-Year Old Brazilian Woman Looks like a 9-Month Baby

Here is strange and most amazing news that I am going to share with you. 30 years old Brazilian women, Maria Audete do Nascimento, neither aged nor getting younger. She still looks like a baby. Maria belongs to an underprivileged family living in a small mud house in Ceara. Family of Maria is consisting of total three individuals, Maria itself, her father and his second wife.
30-Year Old Brazilian Woman Looks like a 9-Month Baby
 Her step mother has been caring her since the death of her real mother who died about 13 years before. Family has not enough earning source to afford the expenses of any treatment for Maria. May be condition of Maria would be much better if treated at birth.
Even after 30 years she is still continue to live like a young baby. She is unable to speak and even tend to her own needs. One thing is good, the home in which Maria, her father and step mother lives; however is poor but not poor in sense of love. There is no shortage of love and kindness.
Maria step mother Dora believes that she is passion of her life and that child was sent to her as gift of God to take care of.
The faculty of medicine at University of Ceara has promised to provide free treatment to Maria, to enable her to be a little more independent, to walk, speak and eat.


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